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ccording to a 2020 article published by Law Business Research Ltd, class action lawsuits are relatively common in the United States. More than 10,000 class action lawsuits are filed each year. If you have been wronged by an individual, business, or organization, and you know that others have suffered the same losses caused by the same party, you might be interested in filing a class action lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits are powerful legal tools that can help people obtain the compensation they deserve. At Blackstone Law, we have a team of dedicated and committed class action lawyers who are well versed in the legalities surrounding class action lawsuits.

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class-action lawsuit allows a group of individuals with similar claims or grievances to unite and take legal action against the same organization, corporation, business, or person who caused their grievances.

With a class action lawsuit, a group of people can bring a claim against an entity that has committed wrongdoing, even if the alleged wrongdoing occurred at different time periods. In most instances, a class action lawsuit will save the plaintiffs and the courts money.

Who Do Class Action Lawyers Represent?

Have you ever wondered who class action lawyers represent? If you are one of the people on this list below, you may be able to initiate a class action lawsuit with the assistance of a Los Angeles class action lawsuit attorney. The following are people often represented in a class action lawsuit:

  • Any employee that has been denied meal and rest periods and overtime
  • Individuals who have been the victim of mass computer hacking (i.e., when your personal information is stolen by someone hacking into a company’s computer database)
  • People that have sustained injuries due to defective products
  • Individuals who are the victims of corporate securities fraud and misconduct
  • Applicants who have been forced to fill out illegal information on employment applications
  • Any consumer that has been overcharged or has been subjected to deceptive business practices

If you believe that any of the above descriptions applies to you, you should consider consulting with a class action lawsuit attorney. You may be able to bring a class action lawsuit against the wrongdoer on behalf of all the other people who have suffered the same wrong as you.

How Is a Class Action Lawsuit Different from Multidistrict Litigation?

Contrary to popular belief, a class action lawsuit is different from multidistrict litigation, even though the two legal theories share similarities. Multidistrict litigation involves multiple parties, like a class action lawsuit. Unlike a class-action lawsuit, all cases in multidistrict litigation are kept separate, but they are heard in the same court.

The Different Types of Class Action Cases

There are a few class action lawsuits that are commonly seen in Los Angeles courts. Below, we have briefly listed the different types of class action cases that you might be eligible to file:

  • Cases involving employers illegally taking employee tips
  • Gender-related class actions that could include sexual harassment
  • Cases involving employers denying employees overtime
  • Disability-related class action cases
  • Unsolicited telemarketing and text class actions
  • Consumer class actions

Contact an experienced lawyer today if you would like to bring a class action lawsuit against a party. An attorney will be able to help you understand all your legal options.

Speak with a Los Angeles Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer at Blackstone Law

If you want to determine your eligibility to initiate a class action lawsuit, you need to consider speaking with a Los Angeles class-action lawsuit lawyer. Class action lawsuits can be difficult to understand since they involve complex legal concepts. With the help of a class action lawsuit lawyer, you will have a higher likelihood of understanding your legal options.

At Blackstone Law, we can help you determine if you have standing to bring a class-action lawsuit against a party that has wronged you. Our award-winning law firm is respected and trusted by those seeking reliable legal services. We guarantee we will put our best foot forward when pursuing the compensation you deserve. When you are ready to speak with a attorney, you can contact us here or call (310) 956-4054.

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