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Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorney

Although most employment contracts are “at will,” every employee has certain rights guaranteed by the state in which they live. In all 50 states, your employer may not terminate you because of your sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, or religion. It can be incredibly distressing when you feel those rights have been violated, and cases such as these are classified as wrongful termination. In addition to the emotional damage of the termination itself, you may be facing far-reaching financial consequences. When you’re unsure where to turn for justice, a Los Angeles employment attorney can help explain your rights and fight for you in a court of law.

Does My Situation Qualify as Wrongful Termination?

Every circumstance is different, but there is one thing that all wrongful termination cases have in common. This unifying thread is that the employer’s actions were unjust. Wrongful termination can be extremely emotional, particularly in circumstances where the victim has experienced discrimination based on innate characteristics. Some examples of unlawful termination are: termination for filing a complaint, termination for reporting harassment, or termination due to a disability. You may also have grounds for a claim if your employer violated their internal discipline procedures.

In addition to the pain of the loss, you may feel unsure about the official classification of your experience. While the official reason given for termination may be legal, the underlying reason may be discriminatory and therefore qualify as a wrongful termination. To determine the validity of your case, it is best to speak with a wrongful termination attorney. They will evaluate your distinct circumstances and advise you on how to proceed.

Concerned that your case is impossible to win? The truth is, over 66% of cases are decided in the plaintiffs favor when the plaintiff is represented by a skilled Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney.

While evaluating your situation, consider whether you have been laid-off or terminated. Although you may hear the terms used interchangeably in polite conversation, there is a legal difference between them. When you are laid-off, that means your employer is eliminating your position. If you were terminated, this means that they will be filling your position with a different employee. What matters is not the term used by your employer, rather whether or not they are eliminating the position. If you are uncertain of your designation, a wrongful termination lawyer can help you clarify.

How Do I Recover From Wrongful Termination?

Before filing a lawsuit, you may wish to file a complaint with the appropriate governing bodies, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Do not hesitate to contact a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer prior to filing a complaint with the EEOC.

For many victims of wrongful termination, the path to recovery involves bringing a case before the California courts. A favorable judgment enables the victim to receive their rightful compensation. By pursuing a court case, victims can hold the perpetrators of wrongdoing responsible for their actions and collect the benefits and compensation due to them.

What Should I Look for in a Wrongful Termination Lawyer?

Wrongful termination cases frequently involve sensitive information. When selecting a wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles, you should search for one who can become your partner throughout the litigation process. A wrongful termination attorney needs full access to all the relevant details of your case, and you’ll want to find trustworthy counsel to advocate for your rights.

Why Blackstone Law for a Wrongful Termination Case?

Every wrongful termination case is unique, and every wrongful termination lawyer has a different case management style. Although we can’t promise a quick fix, we’ll stay in constant contact as your case progresses and work to manage your expectations at every stage of the process. Whenever you have questions, you’ll be able to reach your lawyer for a quick response. Your best interests are our highest priority, whether that means accepting a settlement or proceeding to trial. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards with an emphasis on preserving your legal rights. When you need dedicated, determined, and honest legal representation, contact the Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys at Blackstone Law.

The foundation of our practice is a genuine compassion for our clients. As wrongful termination lawyers, we constantly strive to uphold the rights of the individuals we represent.

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