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Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

If you’re feeling confused and lost as a result of a Los Angeles car accident, we want you to know that you’re not alone. With over 26 million licensed drivers, California has the largest driving population in the United States. (In fact, the competition isn’t even close, with California outpacing its closest competition by over 10 million drivers). With all these motorists on the road, it comes as no surprise that the rate of car accidents is constantly climbing. Each year, there are more than 150,000 injury collisions, in addition to nearly 3,000 fatal accidents. We specialize in car accident related personal injury cases and understand the hardship and medical uncertainty you may face.

Following a car accident, you’ll have expenses ranging from lost wages to car repairs to unpredictable medical bills. California law entitles accident victims to pursue financial compensation when other parties are responsible for their injuries. Whether another driver was at fault or whether a manufacturer crafted a defective part that caused the accident, we can help you fight back! At Blackstone Law, we are seasoned auto accident attorneys, and we can get you the resources you need to begin healing.

Road to Recovery

Injuries of any kind, either on a motorcycle or car, can feel isolating and confusing. Sometimes a seemingly minor collision can leave you with injuries that worsen over time, creating a lasting and negative impact on your quality of life. In more severe cases, accident victims may experience a loss of independence as the injury requires them to enter assisted living or remain in the hospital for months on end. This can further impact your financial status, as well as the security of those who depend on you. You should expect your Los Angeles car accident lawyer to fight for your right to compensation while you navigate the stress and pain of recovery.

An image of a two car accident on a roadway.

More than 2.35 million people are injured or disabled in car accidents every year. If you’ve been in an accident, contact a car accident attorney to file a claim.

Why Blackstone Law For a Car Accident Case?

At Blackstone Law, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first. We work on contingency, which means that you will never pay upfront fees. Even if you choose not to retain our services, the legal advice we provide is free of charge. If you’re suffering from a car accident,  reach out to a car accident lawyer for a consultation.

We represent your interests in all case matters. This can mean the insurance company, the media, and any other parties with a stake in your case. And just as importantly, we will not be bullied into accepting less than you deserve!

If you or a family member need representation for a personal injury you sustained in a car accident, we would be happy to come to you or accommodate your needs with a free phone consultation. When you turn to Blackstone Law for your Los Angeles auto accident attorney, you’ll receive proactive advocacy and compassionate guidance. We know the most important thing we can do for our clients is develop a case strategy that delivers results. Let us show you what our Los Angeles law firm can do for you.

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