How Do I Know I Was Wrongfully Terminated or Fired in California?

Termination can be hard on both the employee and the employer. With California being an at-will employment state, employees need to be more vigilant about their employment rights. A wrongful termination occurs when a worker is fired for discriminatory reasons or violates an employment contract. California has employment laws to protect individuals from wrongful termination.

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Are Unpaid Internships Legal in California?

Unpaid internships have become stepping stones for those wanting to get a leg up in the highly competitive job market. Many go to college with the intent of increasing their chances of scoring a high-paying job in the field of their choice. But once in college, many realize that their ambition is shared, so having

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Do I Qualify for Overtime Wages in California?

Overtime wages are meant to compensate workers for working hours beyond what is normally called for. Overtime wages are one and a half times—or double under certain conditions—the regular rate of pay that the worker receives. If you find yourself working beyond your normal work hours, you might be wondering if you qualify for overtime

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What Is Considered a Hostile Work Environment in California?

In America, the average person will spend 90,000 hours of their life working. With so much time spent in the workplace, you should feel safe and happy going into work each day. Unfortunately, when workplace harassment or bullying comes into play, the workplace can become hostile for affected employees.  For a workplace to be considered

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Identifying Harassment or Discrimination in the Workplace

The workplace should be a safe space for employees where they feel comfortable working with their colleagues and managers. There is no place for harassment or discrimination of any kind at a business, and leadership should establish policies and guidelines to prevent it from being an issue in the first place. However, if you feel

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California Supreme Court Announces Meal and Rest Period Premiums Must Be Paid at the “Regular Rate of Pay”

California’s meal and rest break premium laws have always been a little confusing.  Now, with the most recent California Supreme Court ruling, those laws are a little more clear.  You may be wondering what this new ruling means for how you are paid  meal or rest break premiums for missed, late, interrupted, or untimely breaks

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Can I Be Fired for Reporting Harassment or Discrimination in California?

In California, everyone has a right to employment, regardless of their gender identity, skin color, or even their religious views. Unfortunately, many employees are subjected to harassment in the workplace for their appearance, beliefs, and other protected classes. Nobody deserves to feel uncomfortable in the workplace, and if you file a complaint with your employer

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