Does My Boss Owe Me for ‘Voluntary’ Overtime Work?

Full-time employees in California are often scheduled for a standard 40-hour workweek. At times, workers in different industries may require fluctuating schedules, with hours surpassing their regular 8-hour shifts or past the 40-hour mark. It is essential for U.S. workers to understand their rights and when they are entitled to overtime pay. Though there are

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6 Ways to Know if You Are Misclassified as an Independent Contractor

When you accept a job in California and agree to work under an employer, understanding your rights as an employee or in an independent contractor position is essential. Misunderstanding these terms may cause many workers to experience unfair treatment from their employers. Failure to uphold employment rights at a workplace can result in penalties for

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Am I Entitled to Be Paid for My Travel Time in California?

Traveling can be time-consuming and costly, especially for employees working in industries and services that require local, national, or global attention. While the idea of traveling and visiting new places can be exciting, it is essential to know if you are entitled to work-related travel time from your California employer. Compensable travel time goes unaccounted

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Can I Sue for Unpaid Overtime in California?

Overtime wages compensate employees for hours worked beyond the set standard. Under both Federal and California law, employers must pay overtime wages to employees that work more than eight hours in a day or a 40-hour work week. Failure to pay overtime wages is unlawful.  If you are not compensated for your overtime hours, you

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