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ver one-fifth of working-age adults in California have some type of disability. These disabilities can range from health and functional impairments to impaired vision, hearing, cognition, or mobility. Unfortunately, workers in Los Angeles can sometimes face discrimination from their employers for their disabilities.

Disability discrimination in the workplace can vary, ranging from refusal to hire, offering lower wages, or denying employees eligible for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) from taking a leave of absence. If you suspect that you may have been discriminated against for a disability, contact the Blackstone Law discrimination attorneys.

What Exactly is Disability Discrimination?

Disability discrimination is the act of treating someone differently because of a mental or physical disability, perceived disability, or relationship with a disabled person. Disability discrimination is most prevalent in the workplace or at a place of business. 

According to The Americans With Disabilities Act of 2010, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, individuals with disabilities are protected from wrongdoing by employers or potential employers.

Disability discrimination can take one of two forms –– direct and indirect. 

Direct Discrimination

This form of discrimination occurs when someone is directly treated differently based on their disability or having a direct relationship to someone who is disabled. 

An example is when a group or family is refused service because someone in their party has a disability. 

Indirect Discrimination  

Indirect discrimination occurs when a rule, law, or policy is put in place that affects individuals with disabilities more negatively than those without disabilities. This form of discrimination is more common but can easily go more unnoticed. 

How Can a Lawyer Help Me With Disability Discrimination?

A good team of lawyers could prove invaluable in your quest for justice against disability discrimination. If you face discrimination from a large company, the odds are that they will have their own team of lawyers attempting to disprove or undermine your claims. 

Having an even better group of lawyers fighting on your side could mean the difference between winning your case or losing it. There will also be a world of paperwork blocking your path, and having someone at your side to guide you through will be crucial.

Where Can I Find a Good Disability Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles?

If you are facing disability discrimination in Los Angeles or the southern California area, Blackstone Law is here to help. They have the experience, integrity, and determination to make sure that you receive justice. 

Blackstone Law is a top employment and personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, and no case is too big or too small for them to handle. 

Equipped with a skilled team of trial attorneys, litigators, and clerks alike, Blackstone Law will ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

Contact Blackstone Law for Disability Discrimination

If you or someone close to you has been a victim of disability discrimination, don’t hesitate to take action and hire a workplace discrimination attorney. Disability discrimination is a despicable act that hinders individuals mentally or physically handicapped from achieving the independence they deserve. Contact us by calling (310) 956-4054 or filling out the contact form.

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