Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Both state and federal laws prohibit any form of workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, too many unscrupulous employers attempt to take advantage of their employees. Whether the discrimination is subtle or overt, it can be extremely painful emotionally. If you have been fired or adversely effected due to discrimination or discriminatory practices, you may have grounds for a wrongful termination case. When you are unsure where to turn for justice, a Los Angeles employment attorney can help explain your rights and fight for you in a court of law.

Blackstone Law is a leading Los Angeles workplace discrimination lawyer. Our award-winning team of talented employment attorneys is equipped with the knowledge and experience it takes to provide the top-of-the-line care needed in sensitive cases like workplace discrimination. As a victim, you have gone through enough. Let our legal team handle the rest with our dedicated and aggressive representation of your case. If you have experienced discrimination at the workplace, your case may fall into one of the five different categories of discrimination.

What Are the Common Categories of Workplace Discrimination?

There are five common categories of workplace discrimination. Those are pregnancy, age, gender, racial, and disability discrimination. A knowledgeable workplace discrimination attorney will be able to explain the California laws outlining these categories. Under California law it is illegal to discriminate against an employee or potential employee on the basis of these protected categories.

Pregnancy Discrimination

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act prevents discrimination related to pregnancy for businesses with fifteen or more employees. In addition to blatant discrimination, such as termination or retaliatory actions, pregnancy discrimination can also include more subtle events, such as failure to promote or a reduction of hours. Some common examples of pregnancy discrimination at the workplace include:

  • Refusal to hire a woman because she is pregnant or may become pregnant
  • Refusal to provide reasonable accommodations for a woman’s pregnancy related disabilities
  • Discriminating against a woman for their need to breastfeed, pump, or treat a medical condition related to breastfeeding

Age Discrimination

The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects employees from unscrupulous practices based on age. Age discrimination commonly affects individuals who are age 40 or higher. This discrimination can include a refusal to provide retirement benefits, refusal to hire, or reduction of health benefits.

Gender Discrimination

Across all 50 States, employers are prohibited from discriminating based on sex or gender. However, it is reported that over 40% of American women still experience some form of gender discrimination at work. Members of the LGBTQIA+ community of all genders are also frequently subjected to gender discrimination. From unequal pay to sexual harassment, employees of any gender have the right to perform their duties without discrimination.

Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is often extremely difficult to prove. Many employers disguise their actions as justifiable business practices. However, racial discrimination is illegal and punishable by law. The following are examples of racial discrimination at the workplace:

  • Harassment because of one’s race
  • Indirect discrimination
  • Direct discrimination
  • Victimization

Disability Discrimination

Once you have been employed by an employer, they are required to make reasonable accommodations for your disability. Disability discrimination may involve a refusal to accommodate, reduction of compensation packages or refusal to provide accessible working conditions.

While the above forms of workplace discrimination are most common, it is important to remember that they are by no means comprehensive. You may also experience discrimination based on your religious expression, sexual orientation, or because of other immutable personal characteristics. If you do not see your situation reflected as a category above, do not hesitate to contact the workplace discrimination attorneys at Blackstone Law for a free consultation.

What Should I Look for in a Los Angeles Workplace Discrimination Lawyer?

Workplace discrimination cases frequently involve sensitive information. When selecting a Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorney, you should search for one who can become your partner throughout the litigation process. Some other key qualifying characteristics to look for are:

  • A law firm that has extensive experience with California law regarding to workplace discrimination
  • A law firm that has exceptional client testimonials and great results
  • A team of award-winning lawyers 
  • A law firm that values honesty and integrity

Blackstone Law treats each client like family and fights for their case with the aggressive and committed representation we would provide to someone from our own families. 

Why Choose Blackstone Law as Workplace Discrimination Lawyers?

Every job discrimination case is unique, and every Los Angeles discrimination lawyer has a different case management style. Although we cannot promise a quick fix, we will stay in constant contact as your case progresses and work to manage your expectations at every stage of the process. Whenever you have questions, you will be able to reach your discrimination attorneys for a quick response. Your best interests are our highest priority, whether that means accepting a settlement or proceeding to trial. When you need dedicated, determined, and honest legal representation, contact Blackstone Law.

The foundation of our practice is a genuine compassion for our clients. As employment discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles, we constantly strive to uphold the rights of the individuals we represent. If you would like to learn more about workplace discrimination lawsuits, consider reviewing our guide to California Employment Law. In this guide, we delve into more detail about your rights as an employee in California and the specific laws you should know about. Additionally, we will cover the legal obligations of your employer. To get in touch with one of our skilled employment discrimination attorneys for a free consultation, contact us here or call (310) 956-4054. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Los Angeles Employment Discrimination

Can temporary workers file a discrimination lawsuit in Los Angeles, California?

  • Agency workers can, and do, bring discrimination claims against the organization where they are working temporarily. They can also file suit against the agency that placed them at the business where they suffered the discrimination. California law has recently redefined the definition of “employee” so temporary workers will have similar rights as any other employee.

What type of damages may I be able to recover from a Los Angeles workplace discrimination lawsuit?

  • There are two main types of damages, compensatory and punitive, that you can recover from a discrimination lawsuit in California
  • Compensatory damages can include paying employees for out-of-pocket expenses such as costs associated with a job search or medical expenses, any emotional harm suffered such as mental anguish, inconvenience, or loss of enjoyment of life, back pay, front pay, and even attorney’s fees and costs.
  • Punitive damages may be awarded to punish an employer who has committed an especially malicious or reckless act of discrimination. They are also often used to reform or deter the employer and others from engaging in similar conduct.

What is the statute of limitations for filing a discrimination claim in California?

  • You have three years from the date that you’ve most recently been harassed, discriminated or retaliated against to file a complaint of discrimination with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (“DFEH”), and only one year from the issuance of a Right to Sue Notice by the DFEH to file a discrimination, harassment or retaliation lawsuit. For this reason, we recommend that you contact a Los Angeles discrimination attorney as soon as possible.

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