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Los Angeles Workplace Retaliation Attorney

One of the biggest deterrents for potential whistleblowers is the possibility of retaliation. After all, how can you report violations and illegal activity without suffering professional, financial and personal repercussions? These retaliations can range from a reduction of hours to wrongful termination. Unfortunately, retaliation is difficult to regulate, despite the state and federal laws which prohibit it. Employers frequently attempt to disguise their retaliation, leaving some victims feeling scared and uncertain.  When you’re unsure where to turn for justice, a Los Angeles employment attorney can help explain your rights and fight for you in a court of law.

Does My Situation Qualify as Retaliation in Los Angeles?

After you’ve reported wrongdoing, you are entitled to the protection of both state and federal laws. At the state level, California Labor Codes §1102.5 to 1105 protect any employee who discloses wrongdoing to a government agency, provided they can demonstrate reasonable cause. Federal protections exist for violations of federal law, such as the Clean Air Act. If you meet the criteria for protection, you may be entitled to damages that resulted from illegal retaliation. The law may or may not provide protection if the disclosure was given to a media agency rather than a governmental body.

In some cases, you may face retaliation due to the mere suspicion of whistleblowing. If your employer retaliates in response to whistleblowing you did not commit, you are in a unique legal position. It’s important to seek the representation of a workplace retaliation attorney as soon as possible.

How Do I Recover From Workplace Retaliation?

Workplace retaliation can take many forms, and often causes a financial loss to the victim. In this situation, the best defense is a good offense. Retaliation can quickly escalate to wrongful termination. By proactively contacting a workplace retaliation lawyer, you’ll be able to collect the evidence you need to protect your personal and professional future. In many cases, the path to recovery involves bringing a case before the courts. By pursuing a court case, victims can punish the perpetrators of wrongdoing and recover from any financial losses they may have incurred.

What Should I Look for in a Workplace Retaliation Lawyer?

Retaliation cases frequently involve sensitive information. When selecting a workplace retaliation lawyer, you should search for one who can become your partner throughout the litigation process. A Los Angeles workplace retaliation lawyer needs full access to all the relevant details of your case, and you’ll want to find trustworthy counsel who will advocate for your rights.

Why Blackstone Law for a Workplace Retaliation Case?

Every retaliation case is unique, and every workplace retaliation attorney in Los Angeles has a different case management style. Although we can’t promise a quick fix, we’ll stay in constant contact as your case progresses and work to manage your expectations at every stage of the process. Whenever you have questions, you’ll be able to reach your attorneys for a quick response. Your best interests are our highest priority, whether that means accepting a settlement or proceeding to trial. When you need dedicated, determined, and honest legal representation, contact the Los Angeles workplace retaliation lawyers at Blackstone Law.

The foundation of our practice is a genuine compassion for our clients. As workplace retaliation attorneys, we constantly strive to uphold the rights of the individuals we represent.

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