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Semi-truck Accident Lawyer

Few things are quite as terrifying as the sight of a semi truck colliding with your vehicle. You may find yourself in pain, facing financial uncertainty, and confronted with extensive injuries. These injuries can range from broken bones to spinal cord damage to traumatic brain injuries. Even a seemingly minor collision can have a profound effect on the rest of your life. Each circumstance is different, but semi truck accidents often leave you feeling frustrated and helpless. A semi truck accident lawyer can help you assess your legal options as you begin the journey towards recovery.

Unfortunately, with all these trucks on the road, accidents are becoming more common. Many factors contribute to these disturbing accident statistics. Semi trucks are many times larger than a passenger vehicle and can weigh 20 or 30 times more. To put this difference into perspective, a collision with a semi-truck can have a similar effect on a passenger vehicle as a vehicle would have on a pedestrian. The sheer comparative size makes even a slight impact extremely dangerous. In addition to the vast difference in vulnerability, semi trucks themselves have unique limitations. It takes more time for the trucks to accelerate and more time for them to stop as well. This increases the likelihood of rear-end accidents and even head-on crashes in two-lane traffic. Finally, truck drivers themselves can cause accidents.

The Reality of Semi Truck Collisions

Semi trucks are important to many American businesses, providing low-cost shipping solutions for countless products. The expansion of the online market has only increased the number of truckers needed to meet the demand. At present, there are over 2 million semi trucks actively in use.

View through the windshield as a semi-truck careens toward a driver

Semi trucks account for over 62% of fatal accidents involving large vehicles. A semi truck accident attorney can help you recover after an accident.

Every year, over 5,000 people will lose their lives in semi truck accidents. The passengers of the smaller vehicles are most likely to suffer in the event of a car accident. If your loved one was the victim of a fatal semi truck accident, a wrongful death attorney can review the details of your case and help you move forward with legal action if it is found to be justified.

Road to Recovery

We know that the prospect of a lawsuit can be incredibly daunting, particularly when you’re dealing with severe injuries. You may be unsure who is at fault. Furthermore, you may be unsure whether you need to hold the driver or the employing company accountable. Unfortunately, there may not be an easy answer. While many truckers are considered employees of the trucking company, still others are classified as independent contractors. This distinction has little effect on their job duties but can make a difference in a personal injury lawsuit.

If you were involved in an accident with a truck driver who was an employee of the transporting company, you have options. Truck drivers have high insurance policy limits because they cause so much damage in the event of an accident. A skilled semi truck accident lawyer can help you recover the compensation you deserve, whether that means naming the driver, transportation company and even the truck manufacturer in your lawsuit. At Blackstone Law, we will not be victim to the games and runaround of corporate insurance agencies. The opposition will employ a myriad of strategies to avoid financial responsibility. Working with a semi truck accident lawyer will reduce your personal involvement with opposing insurance companies. As a result, you’ll have the time you need to heal.

Why Blackstone Law?

At Blackstone Law, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first. We work on contingency, which means that you will never pay upfront fees. Even if you choose not to retain our services, the legal advice we provide is free of charge. If you’re injured, we urge you to reach out to a semi truck accident lawyer for a consultation.

If you or a family member need representation for an injury you sustained in a semi truck accident, we would be happy to come to you or accommodate your needs with a free phone consultation. When you turn to Blackstone Law, you’ll receive proactive advocacy and compassionate guidance. We know the most important thing we can do for our clients is to develop a case strategy that delivers results. Let us show you what we can do for you.

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