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Working is an important part of everyday life that provides employees each day with purpose, reinforcement, and focus. We expect our workplaces to push us to achieve our goals and provide us with a safe place to grow. When workplace safety is compromised, it can be nearly impossible to make positive contributions to your company.

Whether an employee fears potential job loss, has been wrongfully terminated, or has suffered discrimination or retaliation, they can turn to the experienced employment attorneys at Blackstone Law for help. Our firm has built a strong reputation for obtaining results for our clients throughout California, particularly in the San Diego area and surrounding counties.

Why Would I Need an Employment Lawyer?

There are a variety of different scenarios in which you might need to consult with an employment attorney. As mentioned above, Blackstone Law’s team of seasoned employment attorneys has a wide range of experience in handling workplace issues. Such workplace issues have included:

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms, from explicit use of language to requests of sexual favors by an employer.


Retaliation includes actions that employers take against employees who report wrongdoings. The employee could face retaliation for reporting a broad range of actions, from harassment to improper safety procedures.

Race Discrimination

Race discrimination occurs when an employee is discriminated against because of their race, color, or heritage. Examples of this include derogatory or racially insensitive comments, denial of promotion, or failure to promote based on race.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Discrimination can occur in the workplace if a pregnant woman is denied a promotion, terminated, or otherwise discriminated against because of her pregnancy.

Disability Discrimination

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against a qualified person with a disability.

Whistleblower Laws

You have rights to protect yourself when you reach out to authorities about your employer engaging in illegal conduct.

Wrongful Termination

If you were fired for any unlawful reason, you may have grounds for a legal action against your employer.

Building an Effective Employment Case in San Diego

If you wish to file an employment law claim against your employer, knowing California labor and employment laws is a good start. Even with knowledge of the law, you still need the right approach and attitude in order to be successful. With decades of experience representing employees, the lawyers at Blackstone Law know how to stand strong to protect your interests.

In a lawsuit, you can pursue compensation in the form of damages from your employer. In many cases, you may be entitled to:

  • Lost wages, including unpaid overtime
  • Back pay
  • Punitive damages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Your employer should be aware that their wrongful behavior is both troubling and illegal. We hope to help our clients obtain compensation for their losses, while also encouraging companies to make corrections to the way they conduct business.

What Happens If I Contact an Attorney to Report My Employer?

You are protected by law when you report your employer’s unlawful behavior. Retaliation laws protect those who report unlawful behavior on the part of their employer, and the reporting employee cannot be punished at work as a result. If you wish to report your employer’s wrongdoing and hold them accountable, speak with an experienced employment law attorney in San Diego today.

Let the San Diego Employment Law Attorneys at Blackstone Law Fight for You

At Blackstone Law, we offer free consultations and do not collect a fee unless we obtain a recovery for you. We want to stand by your side, build a strong case, and help you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. Our San Diego employment law attorneys can help you understand your case so that you can fully prepare for the legal challenges ahead. With Blackstone Law on your side, you will not face your employer alone. If you would like to discuss your legal options, please contact us today by calling (310) 956-4054 or filling out our contact form.