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Los Angeles Non-compete Agreement Lawyer


ccording to informative data released by Statista, there are approximately 159.76 million people employed in the United States across numerous employment sectors. If you have worked in many states in the U.S., it’s highly likely that you are familiar with non-compete agreements. These agreements are more common in certain sectors than others, such as the media industry, the information and technology sector, and the financial and corporate industries.

Many states allow companies to use non-compete agreements; however, California is a state where non-compete agreements are unenforceable and void. If you feel that you have been forced to sign a non-compete agreement or are being discriminated against for not wanting to sign one, you have a right to seek compensation. At Blackstone Law, our Los Angeles lawyers are well versed in the legalities of non-compete agreements and can help you pursue compensation.

What Exactly Is a Non-compete Agreement in Los Angeles?

When interviewing for a job, you might come across a non-compete agreement. You need to know what this agreement is to make an educated decision about signing such an agreement. If you are interviewing in California, however, you must remember that non-compete agreements are usually void and unenforceable.

A non-compete agreement is a specific, restrictive clause within an employment contract that prohibits an employee from competing with their employer during employment or after the employment relationship has ended. Essentially, a non-compete agreement is used by companies to ensure employees do not enter into markets or professions that are in direct competition with their business.

Do You Need a Los Angeles Non-compete Lawyer?

Several situations call for a non-compete agreement lawyer. Since non-compete agreements can be incredibly tricky to navigate, speaking with a Los Angeles lawyer could help you make sense of your situation. The following are a few situations where a non-compete lawyer could be of assistance:

  • Your career growth and advancement are being stunted because of a non-compete agreement with a former employer.
  • You have unjustly lost the use of your customer list that you have spent years growing because your previous employer states the list now belongs to them.
  • Your non-compete agreement is preventing you from seeking better employment opportunities elsewhere.

If you are facing any of the situations outlined above, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced employment lawyer. A lawyer will examine the facts of your case, explain your legal options, and help you pursue compensation.

Ways You Can Challenge a Non-compete Agreement

If you have found yourself locked into a restrictive non-compete agreement, it will be challenging to dissolve it. Still, there are a few ways that you can challenge a non-compete agreement.

There are primarily four different legal tactics that your Los Angeles lawyer will employ to try to have your agreement deemed invalid. Such tactics include:

  • Your lawyer will try to prove that you unknowingly signed a non-compete agreement because you were led to believe false pretenses.
  • Your lawyer will try to prove that your employer had you sign a non-compete agreement while engaging in illegal activity.
  • Your lawyer will try to prove that your employer was dishonest.
  • If a lawyer cannot directly get you out of your non-compete agreement, they will try to prove that your new endeavors will not violate your non-compete agreement.

You do not want to face your employer alone. Non-compete agreements are complicated, and you need the counsel of an experienced attorney to help you with your situation.

Contact a Los Angeles Non-compete Lawyer Today at Blackstone Law

Did you know that you have the right to seek damages if your employment status is being negatively affected by a non-compete agreement in Los Angeles? You should consider contacting a Los Angeles non-compete agreement lawyer to discuss your legal options.

At Blackstone Law, we are an award-winning law firm that has served thousands of clients, diligently helping them obtain compensation. If you have found yourself locked into a legal or illegal non-compete agreement with your former or current employer, we can help you determine the best way to move forward. You can call us at (310) 956-4054 or contact us here to arrange a free legal consultation.

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