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Employment Attorney in Beverly Hills, CA

There are various reasons you might need a Beverly Hills employment lawyer. From wrongful termination to whistleblowing, we help employees learn their rights and fight for them accordingly within the legal system. Successfully pursuing California employment litigation requires an extensive background in this practice area, which is offered by Blackstone Law

Our employment attorneys understand how much you depend on your job to support yourself and your family. When you are having issues at work that require legal counsel, it is essential to choose an employment attorney who will be on your side and who will advocate for your rights as an employee.

Common Types of Employment Law Cases

There are numerous reasons why you might need the help of a Beverly Hills employment attorney. From discrimination to workplace harassment, there are many ways that an employer may infringe upon your rights. 

Wrongful Termination

Employment termination is wrongful if it was for reasons outside company policy or contradictory to labor laws and regulations. While California is an at-will state, which means that employers do not need a cause to terminate an employee, an employee may not be terminated for reasons like whistleblowing or discrimination as it is contrary to California law. 

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment may be characterized by workplace bullying or sexual harassment. The circumstances surrounding the harassment and how your employer handles the situation dictate how you might opt to respond from a legal perspective. 

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is another reason you might need a Beverly Hills employment lawyer. This can be characterized by discriminatory behavior towards employees based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference, disability, age, and other defining personal characteristics. 

Wage and Hour Violations

Wage and hour violations are common causes for employment claims. A Beverly Hills employment attorney can help when employers do not respect minimum wage laws, do not pay overtime as required or fail to allow employee to take breaks that are mandated by state and federal laws. 

Denying Workers Access to Protected Leave

Employees working in California have the right to access several leave policies, including the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Pregnancy Disability Leave policy (CPDA). Employers must hold your job for up to 12 weeks if you opt to utilize this policy. You must follow the company’s policy in terms of leave time, letting them know you plan to take your leave. However, the company cannot terminate you and must hold your job until you return. 

Infringing on Employee Privacy

Employers have the right to monitor employees when using company equipment or engaging in work-related activities on company time. However, there are times when intrusions on employee privacy go too far, such as setting up recording equipment in private spaces like the bathroom or changing rooms. 

Employers should be held accountable when they engage in actions that compromise their rights as an employee. Working with an employment lawyer in Beverly Hills, CA, can apprise you of your rights and provide you with options on how to best proceed and obtain an ideal outcome for your claim.

Why Do You Need the Services of an Employment Lawyer

Working with an experienced employment attorney can provide you with knowledgeable legal guidance on handling your employment claim. We at Blackstone Law are foremost experts in this area of law and understand California’s laws governing what employers can and cannot do. Bringing a suit against an employer can be a daunting experience. We do our best to reassure you as we work alongside you to hold your employer responsible for unlawful behaviors. 

Our team fights aggressively for justice on your behalf to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve and that your employer does not infringe upon the rights of others. Moreover, some employment law cases are more volatile than others, and it may not be possible to navigate the issue independently without legal assistance. This is especially true in workplace discrimination or harassment situations, where more stringent intervention may be necessary. 

Wage and hour violations may also necessitate an employment lawyer, as you may not realize the extent to which your employer is violating the law. Blackstone Law has worked with countless clients to get justice when their employer has violated employment laws.

What Should I Do After Being Wrongfully Terminated in Beverly Hills, CA?

Employees who are wrongfully terminated often experience financial hardships and varying challenges. In California, you may be able to recover total compensation for the trouble, discrimination, or other factors that contributed to being wrongfully terminated from a position. If you have eligible cases, there are essential steps you can take right away to avoid losing your case due to the statute of limitations or receiving lesser compensation. 

What to do after being wrongfully terminated in Beverly Hills, CA:

Avoid Acting Against Your Previous Employer or Workplace 

Being wrongfully terminated causes many emotions and can strain workplace relationships. An important part on your behalf in a wrongful termination case is to avoid retaliation or acting against the employer or workplace. Remaining calm and focusing on appropriately seeking justice will help you maintain credibility. 

Gather Evidence and Explanations Regarding the Termination

If an employer terminates an employee, the worker has a right to seek a legal and clear explanation regarding the grounds for termination. If an employer refuses to provide a reason or fails to uphold your rights, you have the right to take action against them. Gather information and evidence on your part to support the case. With an attorney, you may also have access to additional resources. 

Dispute the Termination With the Right Agency 

After a wrongful termination, making a dispute with the appropriate agency helps start the process of taking legal action and pursuing compensation for lost wages and other losses. 

You may need to dispute the termination with one or more of the following agencies: 

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Department of Occupational Safety and Health
  • California Labor Commissioner’s Office
  • US Department of Labor
  • California Department of Fair Employment and Housing

Depending on the grounds of wrongful work termination, the appropriate agency may take your claim and investigate your employer. By taking action as soon as possible, other employees may avoid additional losses from losing a job.  

Retain Legal Counsel From a Skilled Wrongful Termination Lawyer 

It may be challenging to prove a case and recover compensation depending on why you were terminated and how an employer has violated your rights. Pursuing compensation for your employer’s wrongdoing does not have to be done independently. Retain the help of an experienced legal team to guide you through the legal proceedings. 

By retaining a wrongful termination lawyer, you may gain access to the resources and aggressive representation of an attorney dedicated to upholding employment rights. Our skilled team advocates for employees and helps with other circumstances affecting your employment and labor rights. 

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If you are struggling with an employment issue that requires legal intervention and do not know where to turn, our Beverly Hills employment lawyers are here to help. We advocate for employees and provide a legal team with the necessary expertise, knowledge and compassion to ensure you feel supported and prepared to file your claim. 

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