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Employment Attorney in Burbank, CA

In the United States, millions of people go to work each day. Labor and employment laws were designed to protect the rights of employees across different industries. With all of the intricate laws, it can be difficult to recognize when your rights have been violated. At Blackstone Law, we understand labor and employment laws and provide continual legal services to advocate for employees with an employment law case in the Burbank community. 

Regardless of whether you work for a small business or major corporation, the circumstances of discrimination and employee rights violations may appear differently in every case. With an understanding attorney, you may rest assured that your case is handled efficiently and aggressively to seek justice and pursue the compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Our Legal Team Handles Employment and Labor Law Cases in Burbank, CA

California’s labor and employment laws address various types of employee rights and the grounds of lawful employer conduct. It may be challenging to evaluate employee rights and laws and determine if you have a case on your hands. At Blackstone Law, our legal team strives to help our clients understand their rights, options to take action against unlawful employer decisions, and how we can help when retaining our legal counsel. 

Common labor and employment law cases we handle include: 

  • Wrongful termination 
  • Unpaid wages 
  • Whistleblower cases 
  • Wage and hour violations 
  • Retaliation
  • Discrimination 
  • Federal employment 
  • FMLA 
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Meal and rest break violations 

With substantial experience in litigating civil and complex cases for employees in California, our legal team has built a strong rapport within the many communities. Regardless of the type of case you may have, consulting with our attorneys will provide you with the best path to obtain justice and recover eligible compensation for your employer’s wrongdoing.

Which Agency May Help Me Resolve a Complaint for an Employer’s Discriminatory Actions?

Depending on the situation and your case, different agencies and statutes of limitations apply when taking action for an employer’s wrongdoing. If your rights are violated or you have experienced discrimination in the workplace, it is best to start by gathering information. Any information regarding the incidents, lost wages, or other circumstantial evidence may apply to your complaint. 

Below are agencies that address different employment and labor law violations:

By filing a complaint with the appropriate agency, you can start the process of an investigation. Additionally, as a case progresses, an employer may dispute the complaint. In these cases, retaining legal counsel and services may help you resolve the case. At Blackstone Law, our Burbank employment lawyers have seasoned backgrounds in litigating various cases. If your case results in a complex lawsuit against your employer, our attorneys may be able to help you achieve the best possible outcome and navigate your case while keeping you informed.

Can I Recover Compensation for Workplace Discrimination or Employee Rights Violations in Burbank?

Though there are limitations in receiving compensation for employment discrimination and unlawful employer actions, many employees find remedies for their cases with a monetary settlement. If you have an eligible case and your employer has acted wrongfully against you or circumstances surrounding your wages, you may be entitled to receive compensatory and punitive damages in a lawsuit. 

Depending on the type of case and the size of an employer, you may be entitled to receive compensation for: 

  • Compensatory damages
  • Lost pay 
  • Lost benefits
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages 
  • Liquidated damages
  • Attorney fees 

Factors that may contribute to compensation settlements in a labor or employment law case include: 

  • Statute of limitations
  • Employer size 
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Filing a lawsuit 

Speaking with an employment lawyer in Burbank, CA regarding your circumstances will help you understand your rights and possible case outcomes. Understandably, employees struggle with varying life changes and compensable damages after wrongful termination or other financial losses. With the help of an attorney, you may feel more at ease throughout a complaint and lawsuit process. 

Benefits of Retaining Legal Services at Blackstone Law in California

No two cases are the same regarding employee rights and laws. At Blackstone Law, our seasoned Burbank employment attorneys help clients in the Burbank community through skillful case management and individualized legal support. Navigating through and understanding California’s laws, litigation processes, civil lawsuits, and other legal issues can be challenging on your own. With the help and resources available from our diverse legal team, you may benefit from our services differently. 

Below are some benefits of retaining employment law legal services at Blackstone Law: 

  • Our diverse team of lawyers has broad experience and education regarding California labor and employment law cases. 
  • With a client-focused and individualized case management approach, our attorneys have helped thousands of clients. 
  • We offer award-winning legal services in the Burbank community, and our legal team has excellent case testimonials from past clients. 
  • You may benefit from our advanced settlement negotiation skills when you partner with our employment lawyers. 
  • We strategically handle your case while advocating for your rights and helping you rightfully seek justice. 

Every employee deserves to work daily without discrimination, abuse, harassment, financial issues, or other cases involving illegal working conditions or employer actions. Depending on your experience, our Burbank employment lawyer may help you determine the category your case falls under and how to take appropriate action to resolve a complaint. To protect your rights and hold employees accountable in California, we also provide support through and handle civil lawsuits. 

Blackstone Law May Help You Take Legal Action Against Employee Discrimination and Rights Violations

Every case is unique, and at Blackstone Law, we strive to help our clients throughout every step of an employment or labor law case. If you have been discriminated against, lost a job due to wrongful termination, or your employer fails to pay wages you are entitled to, we may be able to navigate your case in the right direction. We handle various labor and employment cases to advocate for our clients and help them seek justice and compensation recovery. 

Regardless of your case type, our skilled attorney may answer your questions, protect your rights, and provide valuable resources with our legal services. Our skilled attorneys have helped thousands of clients within California with honesty, dedication, and compassion. Complete a contact form or call us at (310) 956-4054 to schedule your free case review.