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Employment Attorney in El Monte, CA

El Monte professionals devote years to education, networking, internships, apprenticeships, and other career-related activities with the hope that it could lead to a worthwhile job that leads to a  stable career. Finding a job that works for you takes time, money, and effort, yet no job is perfect. People we work with or even for may disrespect us, even going so far as to violate our rights.

When your rights are violated at work, it could seem like you have little to no choice except to put up with mistreatment. Thankfully, there are legal protections for employees and avenues for seeking justice. The broad practice area of employment law covers many ways that a superior may violate someone’s rights at work. To learn more about your legal options for defending your rights as a California employee, speak with an experienced El Monte employment lawyer.

Do Federal Laws protect El Monte Employees?

Workers can still take a stand against employers who violate labor laws, even though they may wield authority. Companies must have policies and procedures in place to address matters like discrimination and harassment. Even after exhausting those options, the unfair treatment you are receiving could still not be completely  resolved and further legal actions may be necessary. 

Numerous governmental agencies and regulations have been used to resolve labor-related issues or hold employers accountable for their wrongdoings. These resources may be your next step before pursuing a civil suit. The following organizations and regulations were created to give workers federal protections against workplace misconduct:

It can be intimidating to confront the situation and take action when you are subjected to discrimination, harassment, or other unjust behavior at the hands of a superior. Because of these governmental organizations and regulations, you can feel empowered to act when necessary. If your employer has failed to appropriately acknowledge that your rights have been violated, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit.

How Is California Protecting Employees in El Monte?

Similar to federal efforts to protect employees, California has its own state laws and agencies dedicated to protecting employees all over the state. Generally, the federal constitution and law take precedence over state laws and even state constitutions. However, state regulations often cover areas that federal laws neglect.

In California, El Monte employees have protections under the following laws and agencies:

  • The California Family Rights Act (CFRA): The CFRA allows qualified employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to take care of a significant health condition that they have, or that of a family member, or to bond with a new child.
  • The California Civil Rights Department (CRD): The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) was renamed to the CRD in July 2022 to more accurately reflect its powers and responsibilities, which include, among other things, the enforcement of laws against discrimination in workplaces.
  • The Employment Development Department (EDD): The Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Paid Family Leave programs are all managed by the EDD, a state agency in California. Additionally, the agency offers programs for job assistance and gathers data on employment and the labor market in the state.

With the protections provided by the California government, employees can rest assured that their best interests are a priority in the workforce.

Recovering Damages Through an Employment Lawsuit

In the event you were the target of illegal workplace mistreatment, you may be able to file a claim against your employer to pursue compensation for losses you incurred. The nature and scope of damages differ from case to case. The damages you may recover will depend on the specific details surrounding the illegal mistreatment you faced.

Damages that are commonly recovered through an employment lawsuit include the following:

  • Earnings you lost as a result of being wrongfully terminated
  • Bonuses that were withheld from you due to prejudice
  • Emotional distress from experiencing discrimination and harassment
  • The value of lost job benefits, including profit-sharing, stock options, and pension or 401k plans

As the plaintiff, your role in filing the lawsuit is to prove that your employer should be liable for these damages. Establishing liability can be a challenging burden to bear. Still, with the aid of an experienced El Monte employment attorney, you may be able to successfully prove your case and obtain fair compensation.

You Should Retain the Services of an Experienced El Monte Employment Lawyer

After exhausting other options, a civil suit is an understandable next step toward seeking justice for workplace harassment, discrimination, underpaid overtime, or other labor law violations. Before you take legal action, it may be beneficial to consult an experienced employment attorney in El Monte. They may be able to evaluate your case and help you build a solid claim.

An experienced El Monte employment lawyer will have the skills and resources to help guide you through California’s employment laws and help you fight to secure fair compensation successfully. Employers are held accountable, and employees are given a voice thanks to the efforts of El Monte, California employment attorneys. An employment lawyer can help resolve salary inequalities, safety concerns, discrimination, and other workplace issues.

Learn What a Reliable Employment Attorney Can Do for You

You are not alone in your experiences as a victim of unlawful mistreatment in the workplace, and you do not have to be alone in how you deal with them. There are numerous laws in place to protect workers against illegal workplace abuse. You might not even be aware of the avenues for seeking redress. Consider seeking legal counsel from a reliable employment lawyer who can keep you informed when you suspect your workplace rights have been violated.

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