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Long Beach Employment Lawyer

Employees in the Long Beach area need experienced and aggressive attorneys if they find themselves in a situation where wrongful or unlawful conduct occurs at work. Fortunately, our team of Long Beach employment lawyers at Blackstone Law have the knowledge and understanding to hold employers accountable. Better yet, we have a long history of fiercely litigating on behalf of employees and winning favorable outcomes. 

We will handle every element of your case, from filing a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing to gathering evidence through discovery, drafting and opposing motions, and appearing at all court proceedings and mediations.

Understanding the Standard Phases of an Employment Case

It’s important to understand that fighting for what is right is not easy. Employees are individuals who depend on their jobs for their livelihood, while employers are often corporations or other businesses with ample resources at their disposal. That said, the phases of an employment case usually consist of the following:


The first step, which could be taken even before consulting with us, is to file a charge with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). Filing with the DFEH will launch an investigation that requires your employer to respond. The DFEH will then investigate your claim by gathering statements, obtaining evidence, and potentially making a ruling or requesting a mediation, which it often recommends. Once the DFEH closes the case, they issue a Closing Order and Right to Sue Letter that will allow you to proceed with filing a civil lawsuit.

From there, you should consult our team of employment attorneys. We offer free consultations, and if we believe your case is viable, we will formally enter into an agreement with you to pursue your claims. Initially, our team will gather information and documents from you. The time your case spends in pre-suit litigation depends on statutes of limitations, which sets time limits on filing your claim in civil court.


Once your Complaint is filed in civil court, your case will officially be initiated. It is here that patience is key. The litigation process can last for years, although most cases resolve much quicker. Discovery, or the actual gathering of evidence in the form of interrogatories, depositions, and producing documents, is the main part of the litigation phase. 


Cases resolve in mostly two ways: settlement or trial. Filing a lawsuit is a gamble, with no guarantee of a favorable outcome. However, our team is dedicated to making sure we get you every compensation you deserve. While your case can settle at any time, even during trial, it is most likely that your case will resolve during mediation, which occurs prior to trial. Your settlement amount will be determined by (1) lost wages, if any; (2) punitive damages; and (3) emotional damages.

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At Blackstone Law, our employment lawyers take a great deal of pride in our approach to employment law cases and believe that our results speak for themselves. Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and our clients in the Long Beach area can rest assured that if they need a strong advocate, they will find that in our attorneys. If you or someone you know has suffered a wrongful termination or discrimination in the workplace, please do not hesitate to call our employment lawyers today at (310) 956-4054 or contact us through our website for a free consultation.