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Employment Attorney in Riverside, CA

Did you know that adults spend nearly one-third of their lives at their workplaces? Since you spend so much time in a work environment, it’s unsurprising that problems and disputes can arise. Workplace issues could be minor or major and affect your mental, financial, and physical well-being. According to statistics from the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in every 6.8 people experience mental health problems at their place of work.

Discrimination, harassment, and other issues are some factors that create a stressful work environment that can affect an employee’s mental health. If you’re experiencing mistreatment in the workplace, you should consider speaking with a Riverside employment lawyer at Blackstone Law. A skilled employment attorney can work alongside you as you pursue a favorable employment case outcome. Additionally, an employment attorney can also work with employers to prevent issues from arising in the workplace.

What Can an Employment Lawyer Do for an Employer?

It’s no secret that work environments in the United States face unprecedented workplace risks and regulations. Managing employees has become more challenging, and the potential consequences of mismanagement or perceived mismanagement have become increasingly dire. That’s why consulting with a Riverside employment lawyer at Blackstone Law is worth considering. There are three primary services that an employment attorney can offer an employer:

Preventative Counseling 

If a business can identify and eliminate potential risks, it can avoid legal troubles. By utilizing the services of an employment lawyer, a company can enact management practices and employment policies that will make the work environment less likely to encounter harassment or discrimination. The following are a few of the preventative counseling measures that an employment attorney can advise on:

  • The implementation of affirmative action programs
  • Employee handbooks, practices, and policies
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Investigations on Employment Eligibility Verification
  • The various compliance audits
  • The various leave laws, including the FMLA
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Guidance on employee misconduct and whistleblower activity

Any employer most likely will want an experienced attorney’s guidance on the matters listed above. Contact Blackstone Law today if you would like to receive preventative counseling from an attorney.


Employment lawyers can help employers with their various litigation needs. They can defend employers before a large variety of agencies and governmental boards. For example, an employment attorney can represent an employer if the employer is sued for discrimination or harassment.


In addition to litigation, an employment lawyer can assist employers by helping them understand their obligations regarding environmental regulations and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

Moreover, employment attorneys can represent employers in collective bargaining negotiations with various unions.

How Long Does an Employee Actually Have to Sue Their Employer in Riverside?

If a company does not consult with an employment lawyer or implement any management strategies to ensure a pleasant working environment, an employee may have a right to sue. For example, if an employee is experiencing discrimination, workplace retaliation, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, or wrongful termination, they could have grounds to sue their employer.

If you’re considering suing your employer, you are likely wondering if there is a specific timeframe within which you have to file an employment lawsuit. Essentially, how long you have to sue your employer will depend on the type of claim you are filing.

If you’re going to file a lawsuit for defamation or certain labor code penalties, you have one year within which to do so. On the other hand, if you’re going to file a wrongful termination lawsuit, retaliation lawsuit, or a lawsuit for breach of oral contract, you have only two years within which you can do so. Additionally, if you are filing a lawsuit against an employer who has failed to pay you wages or overtime, you have three years within which you can sue for fraud and four years within which you can sue for a breach of an employment contract.

Contact a Riverside Employment Lawyer at Blackstone Law for Help with Your Case

If you are an employer or employee who needs to address legal matters surrounding a workplace or company, you should consider speaking with a Riverside employment lawyer. An employment attorney is an important asset to have on your side when you are fighting to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Blackstone Law is an established, award-winning firm with decades of experience in employment law, and we are equipped to help you. Our reputation for success precedes us. We want you to receive the highest quality of legal service when you choose our firm. If you wish to speak with one of our lawyers, you can arrange a consultation by contacting us here or calling (310) 956-4054.