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ith technology at our fingertips, people enter into hundreds of contracts on a regular basis without even knowing what they are agreeing to. Every time you download an app, software update, or agree to exchange goods and services, you agree to a contract. In employment law, you can enter into a contract or binding agreement with another party through an independent contractor or employment agreement, which are legal documents and legally binding between both parties. 

When one party in a binding agreement fails to meet the terms of the contract, this constitutes a breach of contract, which is also referred to as noncompliance. A breach of contract can often cause financial damages and stress. Contact our experienced breach of contract attorneys and we will walk you through the process of seeking a resolution for your case.

What Qualifies as a Breach of Contract in Los Angeles?

Contracts can be written or verbal. However, a written agreement will clearly state the terms of the agreement and is tangible evidence to show whether there is a breach of contract or not. On the other hand, while a verbal agreement can be enforceable, there must be evidence of the terms of the verbal agreement to prove that there was a breach of contract. 

Additionally, if you believe you entered into a contract and did not know what you agreed to, consider the following elements for a contract that is void and unenforceable:

Signed Under Duress

If you were forced to sign a contract through threats, violence, or any other coercive action, this would void your contract.

Undue Influence

This can happen when one party takes advantage of another through their position of power or authority, forcing them to sign into an agreement because they may end a relationship if they don’t or create other emotional circumstances for the victim. 


A contract can be void if there was concealment of facts and the components of the contract were under false pretenses. If someone lied to the other party in order for them to sign a contract, this could qualify as misrepresentation. 

Legal Capacity

A person must have legal capacity to sign a contract. For example, a person under a legal guardianship due to mental illness cannot sign and enter into a legally binding contract. 

In addition, California law requires that certain types of agreements must be in writing to be enforceable. The award-winning attorneys at Blackstone Law can review your circumstances and help you determine how to resolve your case.

What is the Most Common Form of Compensation For Breach of Contract?

Understanding a contract before agreeing to it can save valuable time and money. However, many people—especially employees and independent contractors—enter into agreements without fully understanding them because they are eager for the job. If you have been a victim of a breach of contract, here are some possible ways in which you may be compensated for the damages caused:

  • Financial Damages
  • Economic disruption
  • Lost earnings
  • Lost benefits

While most contracts will specify how a breach of contract will be remedied, it is essential that you seek legal counsel if you are a victim of a breach of contract. Our attorneys can answer any of your questions and help you understand what damages you may be eligible to obtain compensation.

Seek Help from Leading Breach of Contract Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

At Blackstone Law, we treat all of our clients like family. No matter which side you are on in a breach of contract case, we will focus on representing your best interests and work to see that justice is served in your case. Our team of employment attorneys offers free consultations and works with anyone regardless of their financial situation.

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