Workplace discrimination can be detrimental to employees on all levels. From senior executives to the lowest level workers in an organization, discrimination is disheartening and impacts motivation and morale. Sometimes, filing a workplace discrimination claim is the only way to get your employer’s attention. Blackstone Law understands the severity of this employment issue all too well and stands ready to help you get justice.

As a California workplace discrimination lawyer, we boast an array of winning strategies for our discrimination clients. Understanding how to implement these strategies is the cornerstone of our legal approach, and it has helped us win thousands of cases.

What Characterizes Workplace Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination can manifest in many different ways. It is rarely overt since employers are typically savvy enough to know that they cannot obviously make decisions or treat you differently based on race, gender or other unlawful factors. However, systemic discrimination is rampant in many organizations.

It may be characterized by treating one employee differently in a workplace situation than others, with the delineating factors being race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or some other discriminatory characteristic. An example might be two male and one female employee who is chronically absent from work. The female employee is terminated for this behavior, while the male is not reprimanded at all. This is an example of workplace discrimination, as there is only one difference between the two individuals. It was the defining factor in the decision to terminate one and retain the other.

What are Winning Strategies for California Workplace Discrimination Cases?

One winning strategy is to gather enough evidence to support your claim. For instance, if your employer claims that you engaged in an action that got you terminated, but customers and other colleagues all say that you did not engage in said action, you may have a case. We will also look into any actions involving other employees similar in characteristics to you. For instance, if your employer has an issue retaining people of color, this may speak to a pattern of discriminatory behavior in the workplace.

Another strategy is to use the company’s policies against it. If the company has policies governing workplace behaviors but acts outside of them when disciplining certain employees, this behavior may speak to discrimination in the workplace.

While some strategies are more likely than others to win cases, we customize our approach based on the nuances of your case. This ensures that you never feel like just another number when you retain Blackstone Law as your California workplace discrimination lawyer.

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