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Irvine Employment Lawyer

To determine if you need an Irvine employment attorney, you should ask yourself three questions. Do I want to initiate a case because of a workplace dispute? Am I experiencing discrimination in any of its forms at my place of work? Was I wrongfully terminated from my position? If any of these common scenarios apply to you, you need to understand your rights so you can protect yourself.

At Blackstone Law, our attorneys can help you with your employment troubles. We fully comprehend and understand the difficulties surrounding employment law, and we can diligently evaluate your case to determine a progressive way forward.

Common Reasons Employees Seek Legal Counsel on Employment Law Matters

You might have difficulty determining when to seek the services of an employment lawyer to initiate an employment case. As a general rule, if you believe that any of the below situations have occurred or are currently occurring, you may have grounds to initiate a lawsuit:

  • You were fired for an unlawful reason.
  • You are experiencing physical or verbal harassment or retaliation in your workplace.
  • You are being deprived of your legally mandated pay. For example, your employer is withholding your wages or your overtime.
  • You are facing discrimination from your employers or coworkers based on your sexual orientation, age, religion, gender, or race.

If you have experienced any of the above situations at work, you should consider contacting an experienced employment attorney. A lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation.

Three Ways an Irvine Employment Lawyer Can Help an Employee

The following are three primary ways in which you can expect an employment lawyer to help you:


An employment attorney will diligently gather all the necessary documentation that relates to your case. This includes medical records, therapy records, employment contracts, pay stubs, timesheets, and email correspondence between you and your employer.

With these documents, your lawyer can make an educated assessment of your case and determine if you are likely to be successful. This documentation can also give your attorney an idea of the types of compensation you could potentially receive.


In addition to looking over the documentation that relates to your employment case, an employment lawyer will also complete a thorough investigation of all aspects of your case. This includes obtaining CCTV footage, interviewing coworkers, speaking with your friends and family, researching social media, and analyzing workplace data related to your case.


According to statistics, it is estimated that between thirty-six and fifty-three percent of small businesses are involved in a minimum of one litigation matter in any given year. Additionally, it’s estimated that ninety percent of all businesses are, at any given time, actively engaged in a litigation proceeding.

As you are now aware, it is incredibly common for employers to be involved in litigation. Although you could negotiate a settlement on your own, an employment lawyer has more experience and understands the tactics needed during the negotiation stages of your claim.

In many instances, an employment attorney can negotiate with your employer outside the courtroom to pursue a fair settlement for your case. If negotiations fail, however, your attorney will then be able to represent you at trial.

Speak with an Irvine Employment Lawyer at Blackstone Law to Discuss Your Case

Since employment law can be difficult to comprehend and discern, speaking with an Irvine employment lawyer might be in your best interests. No one deserves to continue working in an environment where they are discriminated against or harassed. Nor should anyone accept an unfair dismissal or employer retaliation.

At Blackstone Law, we have dedicated ourselves to helping those in need of legal aid. We are an award-winning firm that has countless years of experience in employment law. We will likely be able to build a strong case so that you have a better chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve. You can contact us here to book a consultation or call us at (310) 956-4054.