Every employee in California has the legal right to feel safe when entering their workplace. The State of California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) sets standards all employers must follow to keep their employees safe. When these regulations are ignored, employees can be put in potentially hazardous situations that may endanger their health. However, many workers feel unsure if they can report unsafe work conditions without fear of retaliation from their employer.

As a worker in California, you have the right to file complaints with Cal/OSHA. If your employer has retaliated against you for filing a complaint, you may have grounds to file a retaliation lawsuit against them. At Blackstone Law, our attorneys are committed to helping workers in California hold employers accountable for their failure to adhere to safety standards. When we take your case, you can trust us to conduct a thorough investigation and build a strong claim on your behalf.

How to File a Complaint With Cal/OSHA

If you believe your workplace is unsafe, you have the legal right to report any violations to Cal/OSHA. While it is encouraged first to discuss your concerns with your supervisor, you may file a complaint if the problems go unaddressed. To file a complaint, you may call or email the Cal/OSHA District Enforcement Office closest to you. When filing the complaint, be prepared to explain the safety hazard in detail. A few pieces of information you may be asked to provide include the following:

  • The name of your employer and the nature of your work
  • The location of your workplace
  • A detailed description of the hazardous condition or safety concern
  • The number of workers at your workplace and the languages they speak
  • The dates and times of work shifts, primarily if the problem only occurs during specific shifts or situations

In order to protect your confidentiality, Cal/OSHA will not tell your employer who made the report. If you are unsure if your employer is violating the law, an experienced employment lawyer may be able to help. Your attorney can review the details of your case to determine if a Cal/OSHA complaint is necessary and may even file the complaint on your behalf. 

How Will Cal/OSHA Address the Complaint?

Cal/OSHA can respond to your complaint in one of two ways. They will either conduct an unannounced investigation of your workplace or investigate by sending a letter to your employer. If the violations in your complaint are severe, they will likely investigate in person. If the inspector determines that your employer is breaking the law, they will then fine the employer and set a date for the safety hazards to be resolved. Cal/OSHA must also provide the results of their inspection to employees so workers are aware of the changes their employer must make. 

Employees and their legal representatives have the right to participate in inspections and speak to the inspector about any concerns. If you are considering reporting your employer to Cal/OSHA, an experienced employment lawyer can help you navigate the inspection process and protect your right to a safe work environment

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