When you enter your workplace, you expect to be in a safe environment. Workers in California have the right to a safe workplace under the law. Severe injuries may occur when an employer fails to comply with the State of California Division of Occupational Safety and Health’s (Cal/OSHA) standards. While you have the right to report unsafe conditions to Cal/OSHA, it is essential to understand what makes a safe workplace as well as your rights to safety. 

If you believe your workplace is unsafe or your employer has retaliated against you, you deserve to have a compassionate legal advocate in your corner. At Blackstone Law, our attorneys have dedicated their careers to protecting the rights of workers in California. We pride ourselves on taking a customized approach to every case so that each of our client’s unique needs is addressed. 

Your Employer’s Responsibility to Provide a Safe Work Environment 

All California employers are legally obligated to ensure that employees’ work environments are safe and healthy. However, they must also meet specific safety requirements under Cal/OSHA. In order to comply with the law, your employer must meet the following responsibilities: 

  • Providing employee training on workplace safety
  • Establish and implement an effective illness and injury prevention program (IIPP)
  • Routinely check workstations to identify unsafe situations
  • Ensure employees have access to and use the appropriate safety equipment and tools
  • Use color codes and signage to draw attention to potential dangers
  • Continually update safety processes and keep employees informed of the changes
  • Provide medical tests and drills in compliance with Cal/OSHA
  • Immediately report any illness, injury, or death in the workplace

It is also important to note that employers have a general duty to keep their employees safe under the federal OSHA guidelines. In other words, they must address all hazards even if Cal/OSHA does not explicitly outline them. If you are unsure if your employer is violating the law, an experienced employment law attorney can investigate your situation to determine whether or not you have a case. 

What Are My Safety Rights as an Employee in California?

In California, workers have the right to a safe workplace. It is essential to thoroughly understand these rights so you can recognize when they are being violated. As a worker in California, your rights include the following:

  • Receiving information about your IPP
  • Receiving adequate training on your rights and workplace accidents
  • Demanding that employers address safety concerns
  • Obtaining information on illnesses, infections, or toxic substances in their work area
  • Filing a complaint with Cal/OSHA when safety violations occur
  • Participating in Cal/OSHA’s official inspection of their workstation
  • Participating in proceedings involving the employer and Cal/OSHA
  • Demand investigations into any ongoing health concerns

Under California law, you have the right to report safety hazards to Cal/OSHA without fearing retaliation. If you believe your employer is retaliating against you due to your complaint, you may have grounds for legal recourse. At Blackstone Law, our attorneys will review every detail of your case and advise you on the best path forward. 

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