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ccording to findings released by the United States Census Bureau, approximately 3,900,772 people were employed in Los Angeles in 2019. Most of these employed people had to sign an employment agreement contract. If you are employed in Los Angeles, it is likely that you will encounter an employment agreement issue with an employer at some point in time.

If you happen to experience an employment agreement issue, you will need a trustworthy Los Angeles employment agreement lawyer on your side. At Blackstone Law, we are well equipped to review your employment agreement before you begin a position. We can also help you negotiate at the end of your employment or stand up for your rights if an employer has broken the promises they made to you.

Employment at Will Applies in Los Angeles

Were you aware that Los Angeles, as a city in California, uses employment-at-will? Although California offers some of the very best employment laws globally, the state still abides by employment at will.

Essentially, employment-at-will means that either an employer or employee can terminate the employment, whenever they decide they would like to terminate the employment relationship. Even with employment-at-will status, there are certain reasons for employment termination that are off-limits, such as discrimination.

Employers Must Request and Receive Consent to Check Your Credit

Suppose an employer plans to use the information found in your credit profile as a condition of employment or make employment decisions. In that case, the employer has to disclose this information to you before taking any action. 

Once this information has been disclosed, the employer needs your written authorization to pull your credit report from a reporting agency or background check company. The company must disclose what information they will access and how it will be used in writing.

Why Are Employment Agreements a Good Idea?

It is usually a good idea for Los Angeles employees to accept or push for an employment agreement between themselves and their employer. If an employment agreement is in place, employees are provided with the opportunity to modify their at-will status.

If an employee opts to modify their at-will status with an employment agreement, it forces an employer to outline valid reasons for employment termination.

Additionally, employment agreements are also preferred by many companies. Employers like to have an employment agreement in place because it can clearly define the employees’ duties.

Employment agreements are also preferable because an employment agreement can restrict certain employee actions during and after employment. Moreover, employers also like to have an employment agreement in place because it allows them to, in certain instances, retain the right to sue an employee who has not or is not acting within the best interests of the company.

What Does an Effective Employment Agreement Contract Need to Include?

Now that we know what an employment agreement is and why it is preferable in certain employment situations, we can discuss what should be included in an effective employment agreement contract.

If you know what your employment agreement requires, you will be able to recognize when an employer is breaking their promises. You also will have better grounds for leaving the company if you understand the terms of the employment agreement.

Additionally, if you are an employer, an employment agreement attorney can help you draft an employment agreement contract. A lawyer will be able to ensure that you do not find yourself in any tricky situations with employees. The following items should be included in an employment agreement contract:

  • Employment term: How long you want to enter into a working relationship with an employer or employee
  • Job duties: The exact duties of the employee upon hiring
  • Base salary, bonuses, and benefits: How much you are willing to pay an employee or how much the employee wishes to earn (i.e., year-end bonuses, incentive bonuses, travel allowances, and company benefits such as healthcare)
  • Termination information: Termination clauses and severance packages, if applicable

Any employment agreement contract should include the above sections. Specifically, it is crucial for employers to consider including termination clauses in all employment agreement contracts. If termination clauses are not in place, employees could potentially leverage companies and cost them millions.

Contact a Qualified Los Angeles Employment Agreement Lawyer at Blackstone Law Today

Employment agreements can be difficult to understand, especially in Los Angeles, since it has employment-at-will status. To determine if you need a Los Angeles employment agreement attorney, start by asking yourself some questions. Do you have concerns surrounding your employment contract? Do you want to draft an agreement that will guarantee an amicable outcome for both parties upon employment termination?

If you would like the above questions, or any others, answered, you should consider speaking with a Los Angeles employment agreement lawyer. Our employment agreement attorneys at Blackstone Law are well versed in the legalities surrounding employment agreements. We can help with everything from drafting agreements to initiating a case for an employment agreement violation. To speak with us, you can contact us here or call us at (310) 956-4054.

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