It can be thrilling to start a family while working. Many people have goals for their careers and their families, and they manage to reach them both despite the challenges. Despite this, many people who become pregnant while in the workforce experience discrimination.

Whenever a woman is mistreated at work because she is pregnant, giving birth, or has a pregnancy-related medical condition, it can be considered workplace pregnancy discrimination. Discrimination in hiring, firing, salary, and promotions is prohibited by law. There are ways to prove discrimination if you suspect your employer discriminates against you because of your pregnancy.

Keep a Detailed Account of Every Instance of Discrimination

Whether or not you still work for your employer, logging every encounter you have that features some form of discrimination can be valuable evidence. You can keep track of this information in an online document or journal that you can save and refer back to when needed.

In this account, you can note scenarios such as:

  • Your employer treating you more harshly than your colleagues who are not pregnant
  • Your employer making comments about your pregnancy being an issue or detrimental to the business
  • Your employer knowingly using a false reason to justify your termination, demotion, pay cut, or other penalties

This detailed report can also be valuable when obtaining the services of a workplace discrimination lawyer if you are interested in taking legal action against your employer. An experienced workplace discrimination lawyer will know the best way to apply this information to benefit your case and may be able to give you strategies for verifying this information.

Talk to Anyone Who Has Witnessed Your Discrimination

Many discrimination cases involve instances of “He Said, She Said,” which may not be sufficient to prove your case. Having eyewitness accounts of the discrimination you faced can go a long way in corroborating your claims. You may be able to get colleagues or clients to provide testimonies detailing how you were treated. Not everyone will be on your side, so you must tread carefully when involving others.

Save All Recorded Communications With the Discriminating Party

Most instances of discrimination occur face to face, but there are times when your employer may provide evidence of your discrimination in their recorded communications. As you keep track of your encounters, make sure you have saved your recorded interactions with your employer. Communications such as emails, text messages, and official documents could be considered more substantial evidence than your word.

Get Legal Advice From a California Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

One of the biggest challenges with experiencing any form of discrimination is that the victim must gather evidence or have proof to validate their claims. While this may be difficult and tricky to manage on your own, an experienced workplace pregnancy discrimination lawyer would know how to guide you through this process effectively.

At Blackstone Law, our experienced attorneys know how to spot pregnancy discrimination. We have employment lawyers on our staff who can carefully assess your situation and devise the best strategy for your claim. Contact us to learn more about the strategies you can use to prove you have experienced workplace pregnancy discrimination. Give us a call at (310) 956-4054 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation.