In today’s politically charged climate, it is not uncommon for political discussions to arise in the workplace. But what happens when your employer takes issue with your political views? In California, it is illegal to be punished or discriminated against at work based on your political beliefs. According to Labor Code 1101 and 1102, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for their political affiliation or activities and may be liable for damages. 

If you have been discriminated against for your political beliefs in the workplace or have been wrongfully terminated, you may be entitled to recover lost wages, benefits, and losses due to pain and suffering. The employment lawyers at Blackstone Law are prepared to tirelessly fight for you from initial consultation to resolution so you can obtain the justice you deserve for political discrimination in the workplace. 

California Law Protects Employees From Political Discrimination 

Workers are protected from discrimination based on their political beliefs in California, meaning an employer cannot take adverse action against you. Adverse actions can include termination of employment, demotion, or work penalties simply because of political affiliation. This extends to all aspects of employment, including hiring, promotions, and workplace policies. 

California Labor Code 1101 and 1102 establish that private employers may not engage in any of the following:

  • Create, adopt, or enforce any policies banning or discouraging employees from engaging or participating in politics 
  • Create, adopt, or enforce any policies that control or direct the political activities or affiliations of employees
  • Threaten termination to coerce, influence or attempt to influence employees to engage in or refrain from engaging in any particular political activity.

If you suffered wrongful termination, were demoted or suffered disciplinary action, or were otherwise retaliated against because of your political beliefs in the workplace, speak with the employment lawyers at Blackstone Law for an assessment of your case. We understand the California laws that may apply to your case and can provide legal counsel on your best path forward to justice. 

Exceptions to Employee Protections for Political Views 

It is important to note that political affiliation is not a protected class in California. Under Labor Codes 1101 and 1102, it is legal for an employer to limit the power of employees to take part in political discussions with customers or clients at work or to use their position to promote political opinions that the employer does not support, creates a conflict of interest, or creates a hostile work environment. However, workplace retaliation laws protect employees’ rights to take part in non-job-related political activity outside of work.

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It is more critical than ever to understand your legal rights when it comes to expressing your political beliefs, especially in the workplace. While California law provides protection against political discrimination, it is essential to be aware of unique exceptions. If you believe you have been punished at work based on your political views, seek the legal guidance of the leading employment lawyers at Blackstone Law to understand your legal options. We tirelessly fight on your behalf if your employer has violated your rights through political discrimination. 

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