If you have been fired from your workplace after reporting sexual harassment, you may have mixed feelings about your previous employer and work environment. You might also wonder if that action from your previous employer is lawful. What next steps should you take?

If you are looking for more guidance or information, the employment law team at Blackstone Law may be able to help. We have assisted numerous clients with their unlawful termination cases, winning them the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Is Termination for Reporting Sexual Harassment Legal in California?

Under federal and California laws, it is illegal for an employer to terminate someone because they have reported sexual harassment. In certain cases where the behavior does not qualify as sexual harassment, your employer also does not have the right to fire you or any other employees.

It is illegal for any employers or employees to sexually harass anyone in the workplace, including employees, job applicants, paid or unpaid interns, volunteers, or contractors. This is the case whether the behavior created a hostile work environment or if someone has participated in quid pro quo—or this for that—sexual harassment.

If you suspect your employer fired you because you reported sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior, even if they cited another reason for your termination, you might want to take legal action. In court, you may be able to argue and prove that your employer’s reasons for firing you are not accurate. If you would like assistance moving the burden of proof off of yourself and back onto your employer, a qualified employment lawyer may be able to help.

What to Do if You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated for Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

If you have been wrongfully terminated, we have a few steps you may want to follow.

Avoid Discussing Your Case

If you are planning on taking legal action or think legal action may be necessary, you may want to avoid discussing your case with anyone, including close friends and family members. This is because any statements may be used against you. The only exception to this may be discussing your case with your lawyer, as your legal representative may not be required to disclose details of your case to others.

We also recommend staying off of social media as much as possible. Even if you think a comment, text post, or picture cannot be related or tied back to your case, your statements may be used against you. This may be the case even if you have privacy settings turned on.

Contact a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you are planning on taking legal action, you may want to hire a lawyer. Your lawyer may assist you in the following ways:

  • Legal knowledge
  • Negotiation skills
  • Handling insurance companies and other legal representation
  • Collecting and analyzing evidence
  • Leading or joining investigations
  • Referring you to medical or other professionals
  • Providing helpful resources
  • Maximizing your compensation
  • Holding your employer accountable
  • Strategizing the next best steps

Please refrain from representing yourself whenever you plan on taking legal action. Your lawyer is far more likely to accurately and favorably represent your case and best interests.

Protect Your Rights With Support From Blackstone Law Employment Lawyers in California

If you have been wrongfully terminated after reporting sexual harassment in your workplace, we at Blackstone Law may be able to help. We practice personal injury and employment law in California, and our team has assisted numerous clients with their wrongful termination cases. We provide our clients with the necessary support they need during every step of the legal process.

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