Although California is one of the first states in which it is recreationally and medically legal to use marijuana, legal protections for employees are vague. Medical marijuana users may still be protected under California employment laws in some instances of wrongful termination, but it is best to consult a knowledgeable California employment law attorney for an understanding of what laws may specifically protect you as a medical marijuana patient.

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California Drug Testing Laws

As a condition of your employment, an employer may opt to drug test you in California but cannot target a specific person based on race, nationality, disability, or other discriminatory reasons for a drug test.

Drug testing is also subject to safety matters or necessity in regards to employment. For instance, if an employment position does not impact the safety of the public, then spontaneous drug testing is typically not deemed legal. If an attorney raises the question of the legality of a drug test during a trial, then a judge would weigh the reasons for the test against the individual’s right to privacy. This determines whether the drug test was legal.

California Medical Marijuana Card

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and California privacy laws render it illegal for an employer to check whether an employee possesses a medical marijuana card. Employers are unauthorized to access the California ID system, which contains patient information pertaining to medical marijuana cards.

Further privacy protections have been passed to prevent employers from accessing records of employees visiting marijuana dispensaries, making it illegal for dispensaries to sell consumer information to employers and other third-party entities.

Can You Be Terminated for a Failed Drug Test With a Medical Marijuana Card?

Because of California laws regarding employers’ right to maintain a drug-free workplace, an employee or job applicant may be fired or denied employment if they fail a drug test, even if they are a medical marijuana patient.

Even though a California employer has the right to maintain a drug-free workplace, employees are still entitled to protections under California employment law. If someone who is a medical marijuana patient fails a drug test and they believe they have faced discrimination or that their privacy was violated in some way, they may be able to recover compensatory damages with the help of a knowledgeable California employment law attorney. At Blackstone Law, we will be able to evaluate your claim and determine your best legal options.

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